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Can I Store Wine In The Fridge?

Can I Store Wine In The Fridge?

It’s New Year’s Eve, and lots of friends and family are coming to celebrate at your home. To prepare, you go out and purchase some white and red wines. Once you are satisfied with the wines you have purchased, you go home to get a head start on preparing for your party. Now you just need to figure out where to store your wine. You may not have a  wine cooler, but shouldn’t a standard fridge work just the same? Actually, you will need to be very careful if you opt to store your wine in the fridge. Before you make room for those reds and whites, here are some facts you should know first.

The Average Fridge Temperature Doesn’t Match the Required Temperature for Wine Storage

The average temperature of a standard refrigerator ranges from 35-38 F (1-3 C), while most wines often require anywhere from 45-60 F (7-16 C) when stored; the average refrigerator is too cold for wine storage. In addition to a temperature mismatch, wine also requires more humidity when being stored than what is provided by a standard refrigerator.

Leaving Wine In the Fridge For An Extensive Period of Time Can Damage The Cork

The cold refrigerator temperature can dry out the wine’s cork. By not receiving the humidity required to retain moisture, the cold air of the refrigerator will remove the cork’s moisture. The drier a cork gets, the more it might shrink, which also lets unwanted air into the bottles, creating a less than ideal taste.

The Air From a Fridge Can Oxidize Your Wine

Whether it’s the fault of a dried cork or a failure to fully cover an already open bottle, storing your wine in the fridge can cause it to oxidize. In other words, exposing the wine to the wrong type of air can, at worst, turn it into vinegar. If you see the color of your wine changing or if the taste seems dull, then you may want to think twice before welcoming the new year with that bottle. Oxidation should be left for the winemaking process, not the unbottling and drinking!

A Wine Cooler Is Ideal For Storing Wine

Wine coolers possess the ideal conditions for wine storage. Not only do they fall in the temperature range of 45-60 F, but their humidity levels are about 70%. Even if you do not currently have a wine cooler built into your kitchen, there are portable wine coolers available to rent. That said, you can always look into installing a wine cooler for your home so you will always have the best place to store your wine.

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You Can Still Store Your Wine In Other Parts of Your Home

Let’s say you not only don’t have a wine cooler, but you don’t have any time to rent one. There is still one part of your home that works. Find a non-kitchen cabinet that stays dark and cool, and the wine will do all right there. If you have a basement that’s free of mold dampness, it can also be a decent location for wine storage. Just make sure the storage environment is as temperature controlled as possible or at least dark.

The More You Know

After learning why you shouldn’t store wine in the fridge, you might be thinking of getting a wine cooler for your home. However, you likely have questions about what kind of wind coolers are best, how they are installed, how to budget for one, etc. Contact us at Appliance Repair Miami, and we will work to make your home the go-to place for wine and cheese.

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