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Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Clothes are an important part of every culture. People from around the world proudly display their unique styles and tastes with different colors, fabrics, and patterns. However, you don’t have to travel far to see a wide variety of clothing. Walking down the street in America, you might see elaborate saris, flowing hijabs, graphic T-shirts, blue jeans, and vintage dresses in the same area. 
Because clothes are so valued in America and all over the world, people need a way to keep them clean and in good condition. Thus, one of the most important appliances in the home is a washing machine. You need a functioning washing machine if you want to have a convenient, sanitary way to maintain a fresh wardrobe. But your appliance cannot do its job if you do not invest in proper maintenance. Learn about the best washing machine maintenance tips in our blog! 

5 Tips For Washing Machine Maintenance

Are you ready to learn about washing machine maintenance? Our team is here to teach you. Check out our top five tips for washing machine maintenance: 

1. Perform a Thorough Cleaning 

Because a washing machine’s job is to clean, many people do not realize that this appliance needs to be cleaned itself. Your washing machine gets dirty from lint, detergent residue, and more. To clean your appliance, fill the drum with a quart of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. Throw in a few small towels, as it is important not to run your washing machine with nothing inside of it. Then run the longest, hottest cycle you can. This will sanitize the drum and eliminate any odors. 

Don’t forget to clean the lint trap and the water filter in your washing machine as well. Both of these areas trap debris, and you shouldn’t let buildup go. This could lower the efficiency of your washing machine. 

2. Leave Your Lid Open After Use 

After you run a cycle, your washing machine will be damp. If you close the lid right after you pull a load of laundry out, then the dampness will remain. After a time, this can cause foul odors and even mold growth. The best thing you can do as part of regular washing machine maintenance is to leave the lid open for at least half an hour after completing a load of laundry. This is a simple, easy way to keep your appliance healthy. 

A washing machine in need of washing machine maintenance

3. Clean Your Detergent and Fabric Softening Trays

After a time, detergent and fabric softener will start to build up inside of their dispensers. Bacteria is also a common inhabitant of these areas, so you need to make sure to clean them often. Remove them from the washing machine and give them a thorough scrub every few months. 

4. Check Your Water Hose 

Your water hose acts as a supply line during each cycle. It dumps water into the drum while a load of laundry is going. Unfortunately, these pipes become damaged and worn over time. This could cause them to burst, resulting in water damage to your laundry room and your appliances. Thus, you should check your water hose for signs of wear and tear. If you see any, then you should contact a professional to replace it for you. You can replace your water hose every three to five years. 

5. Keep Your Finish Nice 

A washing machine’s finish is vulnerable to damage. Regular detergent and cleaner spills may start to corrode and eat away at the finish, while heavy items can scratch and dent it. If you want your washing machine to last longer, then never leave spills unaddressed. Clean up any detergent, cleaner, or water right away. Make sure to regularly wipe down your washer with a gentle glass cleaner to keep it gleaming. Finally, avoid placing items on top of your washing machine to avoid scratches and dents. 

We Can Help With Washing Machine Maintenance and Repair! 

Caring for your washing machine is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. That being said, no amount of washing machine maintenance will prevent your appliance from developing wear and tear over time. Eventually, you will find yourself in need of repairs. Our reliable experts are here for all of your repair needs. Contact us today to learn more about Appliance Repair Miami’s high-quality services! 

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