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Diagnosing Common Smart Washer Issues

Diagnosing Common Smart Washer Issues

Smart technology continues to make it easier to keep your home in shape. Aside from kitchen appliances and home security, you can also include smart technology in your laundry routine with a smart washer and dryer. These smart appliances are connected to WiFi, so you can track your wash and dry cycles from anywhere and even control them. Unfortunately, even smart washers face their own issues. However, those issues can still be managed. Learn about diagnosing common smart washer issues by reading this blog. 

Diagnosing Common Smart Washer Issues 

Today you will have a look at four of the most common smart washer issues, so you can easily diagnose the potential problem your smart washer might be facing. Diagnosing these four common smart washer issues will allow you to communicate better with your appliance technician. 

Smart Washer Won’t Start

One of the most common smart washer issues faced by users is a smart washer that won’t start. The inability of your smart washer to start can be due to plenty of potential factors. However, determining the exact cause requires troubleshooting

You’ll start by checking that your smart washer is connected to its power source. If it’s plugged in, you’ll need to ensure the faucets are open. Otherwise, you’ll need to reset the circuit breaker and see if that makes a difference. If the final troubleshooting method doesn’t work, it means your smart washer is having an electrical problem that needs to be fixed by a professional. 

Cycle Suddenly Stops 

Another common smart washer issue is the fact that your cycle might suddenly stop before finishing. If this happens, it means there’s either an electrical issue or a problem with the positioning of the washing machine. For this kind of issue, your smart washer will send you a notification when it happens and provide an error code. With your manual, you can decode the problem at hand as indicated by the error code. If the problem isn’t one you can troubleshoot yourself, reach out to an appliance technician to check it out as soon as possible. 

Unresponsive Control Panel 

Sometimes an unresponsive control panel is the source behind whatever smart washer issues you’re facing. This issue could be caused by either an electrical issue or because your smart washer could be in the middle of downloading an update. Check if your washer is undergoing any updates and wait for them to complete before attempting to use your control panel again. If your smart washer is up to date, the issue at hand is probably electrical. First, try seeing if there’s a button that you can unjam; otherwise, call a professional. 

The Door Won’t Lock 

The last of the common smart washer issues that will be explored in this blog is the door being unable to lock. This issue might be simpler to fix since you just need to see if anything obstructs the lock mechanism or is broken. Cleaning the door latch with rubbing alcohol might also help. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as slamming the door shut. If your smart washer’s door still won’t lock, you’ll need an appliance repair technician to take care of it. 

door won't lock smart washer issues

Appliance Repair Miami Will Check And Repair Your Smart Washer Issues!

Now you know how to diagnose four of the many common smart washer issues you might encounter. Consider this guide a starting point for understanding your smart washer. The best way to approach most issues is to use your user manual to interpret the error codes and determine the next steps from there. If the issue is outside of your ability to solve, you can always call for help. Specifically, contact us at Appliance Repair Miami to resolve your smart washer issues. 

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