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4 Best Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent Brands

4 Best Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent Brands

Do you have sensitive skin? Does it feel like you’re taking a risk every time you try a new laundry detergent because you aren’t sure what’s in it? Does someone you live with get rashes after putting on newly washed clothes? There’s a good chance you or a loved one might have a laundry detergent allergy. 

Luckily, that doesn’t mean you must subject yourself to never having clean clothes again. Plenty of brands offer hypoallergenic laundry detergent. By reading this blog, you can learn what might be causing your laundry detergent sensitivity or allergy and the best hypoallergenic laundry detergent brands. 


Signs Of Laundry Detergent Allergies

Before going into the best hypoallergenic laundry detergent brands, you’re probably wondering how you can tell if you are allergic or over-sensitive to laundry detergent. Your allergy or sensitivity is most likely triggered by preservatives, surfactants, or other fragrance-inducing chemicals included in the detergent. There are plenty of indications that you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to laundry detergent. 

These signs include but are not limited to, visible rashes, severe itching, and irritation, swelling, pain in the affected area, or even bumps or blisters. Exhibiting one or more of these symptoms means you or your loved one should keep reading to find the best hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Your laundry routine can finally be less painful. 

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The 4 Best Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent Brands 

These brands distribute laundry detergents that exclude ingredients that would otherwise trigger an allergic or sensitive reaction. Check out four of the most highly-recommended hypoallergenic laundry detergent brands. 


All Free Clear 

Many skin care experts consistently consider the All Free Clear brand to be the overall best hypoallergenic brand. Users report that it doesn’t leave behind any concerning odors. This detergent is also perfume and dye-free, significantly reducing the number of potential irritants and allergens. It’s effective against dander and can remove allergens like pollen from clothes. 

This brand is also a favorite of the National Eczema Association. That said, the ability of this detergent to remove severe stains has received mixed reviews. This detergent is otherwise just as effective against small stains. 

Seventh Generation 

This notable laundry detergent brand also comes with hypoallergenic properties. This hypoallergenic detergent is available both in liquid and pod form. It’s most notable for being environmentally friendly, as evidenced by its inclusion of plant-based ingredients. It even has approval from the EPA, as well as USDA certification. Like All Free Clear, Seventh Generation doesn’t use artificial dyes, fragrances, or brighteners. 

There is, however, one downside of this product. Seventh Generation is considered one of the more expensive laundry detergent brands. For this reason, ensure you have reasonable space in your budget for using this brand of hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Otherwise, this detergent is for you if you want that nice, soft feeling of clean clothes after a laundry cycle. 

Arm & Hammer

Even one of the oldest producers of laundry detergent has a hypoallergenic option. Arm & Hammer’s Sensitive Skin Detergent is specifically designed to be hypoallergenic. Aside from being dye and perfume free, it’s also dermatologist tested and has approval from SkinSAFE. 

This detergent is available in various sizes. That said, it needs additional treatment to remove stains, as it struggles to remove stains when used by itself. When all is said and done, you can never go wrong with trusting a brand as classic as Arm & Hammer. 


If you’re keen on using laundry detergent pods, you don’t want to miss out on Dropps. This hypoallergenic laundry detergent brand is new, but it’s already making a difference. If you were drawn to Seventh Generation’s eco-friendliness but weren’t keen on its pricing, Dropps is an excellent, more affordable choice. It’s easy to use, plant-based, and even has dermatological approval to use for washing baby clothes linens. However, switch to a different brand regarding severe stains and washing delicate items, as this product is best used for a standard laundry load. 


Keep Your Laundry Running With Appliance Repair Miami! 

You and your loved ones can finally search for the best hypoallergenic laundry detergent for allergies or sensitivities. These four brands are a great starting point, as plenty of other brands are worth exploring. Unfortunately, hypoallergenic laundry detergent can’t save you from the unpredictability of washers and dryers. When dealing with a problematic washer or dryer, contact us at Appliance Repair Miami, so you can keep your laundry running.

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